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The route of the Mina Loreto line, & relics surviving
The line's course is shown on the simplified map below, copied from an original linen plan in the archives of the Instituto de la Patagonia. The post 1902 route is shown. The earlier tramway remained on the north bank of the river for rather longer, only crossing over to run directly into Calle Santiago, the street running diagonally to the rest of the grid pattern.

The tracks started at Mine 2, a low wooden structure on the north bank of the river. On the opposite hillside are a number of mine-workers' houses. The altitude here was about 160m, and the line dropped to sea level at the coast.
Just a few hundred yards east was the path to Mine 1, with a large set of coal hoppers loaded from an upper level. Also visible is the shoot used to dump waste into the river, and the mine power station in the left background. I believe the mine entrance was a couple of hundred yards back from the river to the north.